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I would love to come visit your school, library, bookstore, book club or youth group. Basically, if you want to talk about books and writing and would like me to be there, I'd like to be there too! I can work with both large and small groups as well as with different ages and grade levels. I can lead a book discussion and/or bring writing exercises for the group to work on. I can focus on how to structure a story, point of view, voice, tense and all of the building blocks of strong, enjoyable writing. For aspiring writers of all ages, I would love to talk about the publication process, the path to getting published and what happens afterwards.

THE PINK & GREEN SERIES has an environmental/Going Green theme and would be a lovely addition to Earth Day events and celebrations. I can work with you on ways to integrate the book into the festivities, and I can lead discussions on what kids can do to help the environment.

I am flexible and will work with you on how to get the most out of an author visit. I assist in a school library, so I have a great deal of experience working with kids and discussing books with them. I love it when a student discovers a new book and that book becomes a favorite. I love it when a student comes back to tell me that they really loved a book that I recommended for him or her.

To schedule a school visit or to get some more information, please email me.