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I’d love to know how many Lucys, Sunnys and Claudias are out there. Drop me a line (lisa@lisagreenwald.com) and let me know which you are!

1. When you have a crush you usually . . .
a. obsess from afar, it’s too scary to actually do anything about it. +2
b. take action and talk to him! +3
c. talk to his friends and see if he likes anyone. +1

2. You believe that problems your parents have are . . .
a. their problems, duh! go out and have fun! +1
b. parents have problems? +2
c. stressful for you too and you try to help. +3

3. You think that doing research is . . .
a. a little boring. +2
b. fun! +3
c. more fun when you’re helping someone else do it than when you’re doing it yourself. +1

4. You think . . .
a. one person can make a difference. +2
b. self-confidence goes a long way. +1
c. both of the above. +3

5. More than anything, you hate feeling . .
a. stressed. +1
b. helpless. +2
c. left out. +3

6. You feel best after . . .
a. helping others. +3
b. hanging out with your friends. +2
c. meeting new people. +1

7. You think that after school clubs are . .
a. a necessary part of life. +1
b. not as much fun as watching TV. +2
c. better if snacks are served. +3

8. Having a crush. . .
a. just comes over you, out of nowhere. +3
b. feels a little bit like a punishment. +2
c. is exciting! +1

9. The best birthday party is . . .
a. a co-ed party with as many people as possible. +1
b. a sleepover with your closest friends. +2
c. a party with face masks, makeovers and lip-gloss testing. +3

10. You get annoyed when . . .
a. people tell you what to do. +2
b. adults don’t take you seriously. +3
c. your sibling nags you. +1

*If you scored between 24 and 30, you’re a LUCY. You’re a go-getter and you demand to be taken seriously. You want to make things better for your friends, your family and the world.

*If you scored between 17 and 23, you’re a SUNNY. You’re sweet, thoughtful and a dreamer. You love to be with your close friends, relax and talk about how you’re feeling.

*If you scored between 10 and 16, you’re a CLAUDIA. You’re upbeat, smart and helpful. You love to be social and have fun.