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Lisa Greenwald


I would love to come visit your school, library, bookstore, book club or youth group. Basically, if you want to talk about books and writing and would like me to be there, I’d like to be there too! I can work with both large and small groups as well as with different ages and grade levels. I can lead a book discussion and/or bring writing exercises for the group to work on. I can focus on how to structure a story, point of view, voice, tense and all of the building blocks of strong, enjoyable writing. For aspiring writers of all ages, I would love to talk about the publication process, the path to getting published and what happens afterwards.

THE PINK & GREEN SERIES has an environmental/Going Green theme and would be a lovely addition to Earth Day events and celebrations. I can work with you on ways to integrate the book into the festivities, and I can lead discussions on what kids can do to help the environment.

I am flexible and will work with you on how to get the most out of an author visit. I assist in a school library, so I have a great deal of experience working with kids and discussing books with them. I love it when a student discovers a new book and that book becomes a favorite. I love it when a student comes back to tell me that they really loved a book that I recommended for him or her.

To schedule a school visit or to get some more information, please email me.

 Thank you so much for an engaging presentation this morning. I received several positive remarks from teachers and students. One student said she enjoyed your visit because yours is the kind of book she likes to read. Another said that you were the best guest speaker because you explained the process of writing the manuscript to publishing it… 

—Aida Pisani, Librarian at Grace Church School, New York, New York

 I happen to be in a book club sponsored by a book store, an independent one, and we read advanced copies of books. Since I teach 6th grade, I picked up your book (love the cover!). WOW! Best I have read in a long time. I was so impressed I brought it school to let some of the girls read it to see if they would be as excited as I was. Boy, were they! The first two who had it wanted to know when the sequel was coming out! Now there is a fight going on over who gets the book next. 

—Jean Seibel, teacher at Christ the King School, Omaha, Nebraska

 …I was especially impressed by the passion you displayed when you spoke about your life’s vocation. Our students benefit from hearing adults, such as yourself, talk about real life experiences that relate to the work they do in school. Most of all you were an excellent role model for students as you demonstrated social and emotional literacy characteristics, such as, perseverance, respect, dedication, and optimism as you spoke to our students. 

—Donald Gately, Principal at Jericho Middle School, Jericho, New York

 My students really enjoyed the presentation. You crafted it in a way that was very accessible for sixth graders. Usually when you gather that many kids in a theater there is inevitable talking but you could see that they were paying close attention to your personal story and achievements. 

—Suzanne Aubrey, teacher at Jericho Middle School, Jericho, New York

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